Invitation to Sponsor

Lean Agile KC is the only conference in Kansas City devoted solely to Lean and Agile learning. The conference will feature cutting edge topics like Lean UX and DevOps, in addition to the more familiar topics of coaching Agile teams, culture, and organizational change.


What is the format?

LAKC 2016 will be a single, full-day conference at the KU Edwards Campus on Nov. 9, 2016. The conference will have two major content components: traditional breakout talks and Open KC (a modified Open Spaces session) that consists of informal discussions in an open setting. The Open KC event allows a unique opportunity for sponsors to engage with attendees and speakers in the content of the conference.

This will be a different sponsorship opportunity than typical conferences. Instead of driving attendees to a booth or table, we encourage sponsors to engage naturally with our attendees and speakers through the available collaborative space. In fact, there will not be sponsor booths or tables available. Sponsors will have the opportunity to show their support for Lean and Agile methods by participating in the sharing and learning.


Who will attend?

Attendees and speakers will consist of engineers, testers, analysts, project managers, product managers, executives, and entrepreneurs who all care about Lean and Agile for technology organizations. These are the change agents who make Agile work in their workplace. If the conference sells out (and we expect it to sell out quickly), the total number of attendees and speakers will be around 250.

In short, the Agilists attending this conference will be the local and regional practitioners who care enough about their craft to take a day to share and learn from their peers in an educational and learning setting.


Why Sponsor?

Every year, more companies choose to adopt Lean or Agile to improve their ability to deliver customer value. There has never been a Lean-Agile conference before last year’s LAKC 2015. Demand is high as we sold out last year in less than 3 weeks.  If you care about attracting Lean and Agile thinkers or getting your product/service offering in front of this group of decision makers, this opportunity is for you.


Sponsorship Opportunities

Listing-Only Sponsor 
– Company listing on conference home page prior to, and minimum of 1 year after conference
– Company listing on printed conference event schedule
– Company logo displayed during opening and closing remarks and during the conference lunch hour
– Does not include event admission. Purchase conference admission ticket separately.
– Includes opportunity to leave printed material at the LAKC Sponsor Drop Table for attendees to peruse.


Sponsorship Terms and Rules


Sponsorship Signup

By submitting the LAKC Sponsorship Signup From, your organization is committing to sponsoring the conference at the selected level. Pending remaining availability, this submission secures your sponsorship position. Confirmation will be sent via electronic invoice to the email address submitted.

Sponsor Payments and Refunds

Sponsorship benefits will not start until full payment has been received. There will be no refunds offered for this conference. In the event of inclement weather, or other emergency, which causes the conference to be postponed, a make-up event will be scheduled at a later time. All sponsorships will transfer to make-up event.

Day of Event

Less tradition, more engagement

This event is designed to be light on the traditional sponsor experience, and heavy on attendee engagement. We encourage our sponsors to step out of the traditional booth mindset and engage with the attendees and speakers in the breakout and open space sessions, over coffee, and at lunch.


Questions? Contact Troy Tuttle for more information on securing your sponsorship:


Sponsorship Submissions are due by Oct. 14, 2016.

Sponsorship Payments are due immediately.