Driving Innovation through Continual Learning and Systems Thinking

Best 120 November 9, 2016 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm

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Joel Tosi

Joel’s presentation can be found here Driving Innovation.

After years of ‘enterprise’ decisions, organizations are waking up to the need to be creative and innovative in an increasingly unpredictable and complex world.  Moving quickly just to move is not the same as learning and adjusting.   Adopting a process doesn’t guarantee success.
Instead we need to understand our previous assumptions and constraints – are those still real / relevant?  How far can we move some of those constraints?  We don’t need to just break silos, we need to understand why silos were put in place first.  If we don’t embrace this questioning and learning, then getting training on new processes and new teams won’t solve problems.
In this session we will introduce attendees to new ways to look at their product creation, their team structure, and their organizational structure.  With this perspective, we will talk about quality, learning and innovation – and what artificial constraints can do to the organizational ability to learn.
Whether you are a team member, team lead, or organizational leader, this session will provide you with new ways of looking at your environment and give you practical steps you can try to make your environment more conducive to creativity and improvement