Hunting Horcruxes: A Cautionary Tale

Best 230 November 9, 2016 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm

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Courtney Wilson
Sarah Harper

Sarah and Courtney’s presentation can be found here: Hunting Horcruxes.

Have you ever struggled with a project that didn’t seem to end? Does this remind you of how drawn out the 7th Harry Potter book/movie is? In this talk we will discuss the scope creep that occurred in Harry Potter’s mission to destroy the horcruxes to relate this back to muggle projects where agile and lean would have helped. We will discuss examples of how scope creep affected time, cost, risk, and stakeholders in Harry Potter and the agile lessons that can be learned from his experience. Professors Wilson and Harper will instruct you on agile charms to manage scope creep, how to care for the magical creature known as a stakeholder, and how to divine the future when you must increase your scope. After this talk you will be ready to sit for your OWL exam in scope management.